Chinese Symbols with great meanings

"Symbols with Auspicious Meanings"

Symbols have high aesthetic and decorative value as well as symbolic meaning. Every occasion has symbolic emblem and rituals from school, ceremonies, religious observances to birth, marriage and death of ordinary citizen. This seems to be very informational for a decision especially when you are about to purchase a piece of Chinese furniture that has one or more of these animals or even some characters that represent (mostly auspicious meanings).

Bird: serve as family emblem
Mantis: its presence in motif symbolizes mystery
Crab: Fertility
Dragon: of its fierce reputation, it serves as power
Bat: Eternity
Fruits: serves as productivity
Hundred Children: Happiness & Prosperity
Longlife: longevity
Double Happiness: serves as a symbol widely used in wedding ceremony

I will keep updating whenever i find meaning of other symbols. Stay connnected