The Fact of Tea

Chinese Teas have been considered as weight loss aid as well as to have medicinal benefits for many years. In fact, drinking a cup of tea with every meal is good for one's metabolism. Tea is also 100% natural beverage. Followings are our recommended Chinese Teas which are available in our cafe.

Green Tea: Special selection of good fresh leaves from High mountain Taiwan and a blend from Fujian of China to roast in well-kept secret proportions. The result is beautiful light green with a taste to welcoming your morning of a new day. Also it is just refreshing with a drop of ice cubes to quench your thirst for afternoon.

Jasmine Tea: Consist of fine selection of leaves to roast with jasmine (Grade A Quality) from China in portion to create great aroma and as well the taste of jasmine helps in stress relief. In addition, having it with your lunch, it would take away the oily ingredients from your food and making it more appetized.

Tie-Guan-Yin (Oolong Black Tea): This tea comes from the perfect blend of different good old tea leaves derived from ancient recipe. The longer it gets brewed, the stronger it gets and it is believed to drink before meal as it would make you hungry and that is good isnot it? Normal practice to have it when it is hot!

Shui-Xian (Oolong Black Tea): portions of quality tea leaves from vairous mountaineous areas to blend into one recipe for the taste of strong but gentle and much more than what one can describe. That is it a Mellow Taste! Those who go for this type of tea is considered to be a real high tea person.

White Chrysanthymum of China: one kind of floral tea widely drunk through out China that aids in keeping control of your eye sight as well as to cool down body temperature which helps preventing illness. For our cafe's recipe, we serve with natural honey syrup to sweeten the taste. Normal practice to have it hot and as well as cold